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I’m going to ISTE!!! February 28, 2010

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I am so unbelievably excited! This week, my principal invited me to go to Denver this summer for the ISTE 2010 Conference. Um…yes, please! I’ve been trying to expand our uses of instructional technology in the library, and in the process encourage teachers to bring it into their classrooms.

I’ve had some success, but it’s a slow process since teachers already have so much on their plates. I did work with one class in doing a “commercial” about the Haiti earthquake using Photostory, and it was a great success. I’ve been using the heck out of Photostory in the library – I think it’s the bomb dot com. I desperately wanted to create a blog that is affiliated with my school, but that was shot down due to a rediculous Lousiana law (watch for a post about this soon, I’m really fired up about this one). I know what I’ve been doing is barely scratching the surface, but I’m trying to just start somewhere. I know I’m going to get so much out of the ISTE conference and come back completely pumped up. I just hope I’ll be able to actually use the ideas I get, not be shut down by district/state restrictions.

I know this is going to be an incredible experience. My principal, assistant principal, technology teacher, and myself will all be attending. This makes me so excited for next school year, and I can’t wait to start putting things into practice. And the tech teacher and I are planning to go early and do some sightseeing in Denver, so I know this is going to be a fun trip!


One Response to “I’m going to ISTE!!!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    That’s great! I hope you enjoy your time at ISTE. A few of our teachers from my school in Mumbai are presenting! It should be fabulous.

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