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Laptop Rant/Call for HELP April 13, 2010

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I’m so frustrated with my laptop situation! For Christmas (I think 2007, but maybe 2008? Sad that I can’t remember…) my darling husband got me this laptop as a surprise.

I loved it! It was PINK! My old laptop was starting to flake out, so I was excited about this gift. Then I turned it on and started using it. It had Windows Vista and I HATED it. It would freeze up and act like it had a mind of its own (with sub-par intelligence, of course). After about a month I reverted back to my old laptop. About a year later, old faithful kicked the bucket so I was forced to start using the Vista infested computer again. It works well about 70% of the time…when the mouse isn’t freezing up, etc. So I should buy Windows 7, right? Well I haven’t done that because I’m still bitter about Windows Vista. Just because I got a new laptop in this particular window of time means I get the short end of the stick.

So here I am with ISTE coming up this summer, as well as my launch into my Masters program. I need a piece of reliable equipment. What should I do? What I (think I) really want is a MacBook. Mostly because I can get the extremely cool Book Book cover to go on it. Yes, I’m that much of a dork.

Part of me is afraid of getting a Mac because its so different from what I’m used to. Another part of me wants to just go for it since I’ve heard so many people who love their Mac.

So what should I do??

1 – Keep this Dell, suck it up, and buy Windows 7

2 – Buy a netbook because they’re cool

3 – Try to buy another PC brand laptop that will fit in the Book Book case

4 – Go for the MacBook


3 Responses to “Laptop Rant/Call for HELP”

  1. Ruth Cohenson Says:

    I say go for the Mac- you will be glad you did. Without fail, everyone I’ve spoken to who’s switched is thrilled. I will definitely “upgrade” to Mac for my next laptop. BTW, love your blog!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I know you already got a Macbook but you can still salvage your laptop by either upgrading to Windows 7 or downgrading to Windows XP. I bought an HP laptop a couple years ago with Vista and after a year of complaining and “giving it a chance,” I finally downgraded to XP and I LOVE my laptop again!

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