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GoogleReader Cleaning July 15, 2010

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I’ve been neglecting my GoogleReader in favor of Twitter lately. But I really love so many of the blogs that I follow, so I know it’s time for me to get back in the swing of using that resource. Also, I have some big changes that are going to take place next year (that I’m not ready to post about yet), so I need to be preparing myself for that. I finally created myself a gmail account and will move my reader over to that instead of using my yahoo account. So here is the newly organized and refined list of blogs I’m following:

Book Blogs

School Librarians

School Libraries

Other Library Stuff

Ed Tech

Blogs of Friends

Food Blogs

What I want to know is…What am I missing??


2 Responses to “GoogleReader Cleaning”

  1. Cory Plough Says:

    Funny you ask, have you seen the #edBlog project yet? Showcasing a new blog selected by our PLN each week.

  2. That’s awesome! I’ll definitely have to follow that…thanks for sharing 🙂

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